Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rich want to play the stock?

Before becoming a successful stock investor and millionaire, students absolutely must understand that the stock transaction is more risky than transaction deposits, bonds or property. Generally, investors are still very young age can tolerate stock transaction that values highly volatile. Playing the stock is not recommended to investors who are unable to tolerate risk. So it was raised in the discussion and book from playing Shares Rich, written by Professor of Science Division of Capital Market, Investment, Finance, and Banking Perbanas ABFI Prof. Dr. Adler Haymans Manurung in Jakarta, Tuesday (17/11). Surgery books lecturers and researchers to present ABFI Perbanas, Dr Endri, and practitioners of shares, Michael Steven.

"Being that investors must begin with principles to uphold 4C, which is cool, calm, consistence, and confidence. Must be smart, play smart and keep your emotions, if not suffer a heart attack, "said an investment columnist at the Kompas Daily, laughter greeted visitors who generally are the students. Adler added that playing the stock could be very "short cut" to be a very rich. After all this, he continued, it is not as easy as turning the palm of his hand. "There is strategy, not just mental enough, because to be able to read and analyze when to buy and when to sell, for it must be a lot of practice and of course, faster would be better start," added Adler. Meanwhile, according to Endri, so far the student is still in the stage theory of the world's known stock.

However, because these financial disciplines demanding more practical approach, the middle road must be pursued with more holding discussions, sharing experiences from the stock market actors, as well as simulation. "Especially simulation, because of the basics of where to invest considerations, through the process of buying and selling, until a decision could well be understood directly by the student," he said. "Deal room" As a lecturer for students majoring in investment management, Endri was not enough just to ground the theory. Adler supports the statement, he also must recognize that students today have a lot of field practice rather than theory in order to swallow the science of investing in the stock exchange floor. "So, I require them (students) to the JSE to see first hand, ask directly at the analyst and learn to analyze their own observations," he said. Related to that, General Manager of Academic Laboratory Siswanti ABFI Perbanas Indra said, has so far been to combine the ABFI between theory and practice needs of its students through laboratory dealing room. Equipped with 20 computers and online data access, laboratories dealing room is divided into two rooms. One room is used for simulating financial markets, especially foreign exchange trading, one other room for the stock market (forex trading).
"So that classroom teaching methods can be directly put into practice here. Students can see the movement of stock prices or types of securities which are booming, everything is simulated intensive learning process," he said.
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